Spa Services - Grooming

Bathing and grooming are essential for a healthy pet!
We will take your pet from scruffy to fluffy in no time!

We offer full service dog and cat grooming for all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats. Our method is a veterinarian approved technique of non-irritating, no tranquilizing and no restraint grooming. Our grooming services include hair cut, bath, dipping (when needed), personalized styling, nail trimming, ear cleaning and bandana or bow to finish the look!

From medicated shampoo for the itchy pet or oatmeal and aloe to moisturize their dry skin to aromatherapy and lush luxurious shampoos, we treat each dog or cat as an individual with unique needs and styling requirements and will help you choose the best shampoos for your pets.

We offer competitive pricing and many specials!

Pricing is based on the size of the animal, length of coat, condition of coat and animal’s temperament. Please call for information and pricing.

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